Come to my studio Sunday 8th August.

Just outside of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, for a 5/6 hour workshop, painting your very own canvas.


This time we're going to paint on a canvas, and you can choose what you would like to paint, from a selection of my designs :) Just have a look through my website, and let me know if anything takes your fancy. I have a selection of templates to help. Leaping Hare templates, Owls, Foxes and more...


All materials supplied by Araminta Workshops.

Stencils available.


I will take you step by step as we use acrylic paint to block in and build the layers of your painting. We will also use some gold foil, a very effective medium that is great fun to use and will add a gorgeous warmth to your work. 

10am, cuppa tea and a biscuit or two, then pencilling in your design (stencils are available).

11am, applying your gold foil, and starting to paint in your base colours.

1pm, lunch! Please being yourself a packed lunch. 

2pm, walk about the grounds of The Hill.

2.30 - 5pm, finishing your beautiful painting, ready to take home!


£95 for the day


My COVID measures: I will have the room very well ventilated, with door and windows open. There will be masks and hand sanitiser available, and I will always be wearing a transparent face mask. I and my family are also carrying out regular LF tests. 

I will take your details for Track & Trace. 


The Bothy at the Hill, is on Mill Lane, off the A417/Ledbury Road. Staunton, GL19 3QH

Watch out for my green signs!


If you have any questions, please email me at

Sunday 18th July, Painting Workshop, YOUR CHOICE! :)

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