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Radagast's Robin,


This is painted on an old pine door, looks like it used to be a cupboard door, it makes a wonderful little painting space. That's a brass draw handle. 


Slightly obsessed with Robins at the moment, I think its beacuse they seem to be the bravest of the garden birds... even with our pesky cat about!


Robin is painted in acrylics, & is surrouded by gold foil stars, Shaggy Inkcap shrooms & Hawthorn blossoms. It must be a magical place to have them all looking their best at the same time :)


Strung up and ready to hang on the wall, with its certificate of authenticity and signiture. 


Any questions, please message me,

many thanks, Araminta x


Radagast's Robin, ORIGINAL Painting

SKU: Radagasts Robin
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