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 Art by Araminta Fogden BA


Golden Ears, has taken up residence in the beautiful grounds of Dyrham Park, Bath, National Trust.

Thank you Dyrham Park, hope he brings you lots of sunny days!

The Cotswolds Hare Trail have joined forces with the Cotswold, Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, AONB.

AONB is a UK wide initiative, designed to help preserve our beautiful countryside.

If you would like to have your very own Cotswold Hare to help promote your business/group/area, up until the end of September 2018, now's your chance, as hundreds of Hare lovers take to the Cotwolds and surrounding areas, hunting down the Hares, and visiting your establishment/town/community group.

For more details on sponsoring a hare please click on the link below:

Many thanks, Minty

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